New Year, Same You? Goals and Resolutions Setting

We all know the drill by now: the start to the New Year is filled with determination, goals and resolutions setting sessions, hopes, dreams and desires. 

But. Typically little action.

Well maybe for the first few weeks there is, but come Feb, that determination and drive can falter as the reality of the real world (i.e. the rest of your life) sets in.

A little bump becomes a hurdle, the hurdle becomes a roadblock, and by May, you’re madly clutching onto to just doing anything.

And it all starts with those promises you make yourself in January.

This year will be different. This year is MY year.

It’s a New Year, but it’s the same You.

That’s not to say that plotting the course isn’t a practical way to start the year; it’s invigorating – especially when you debrief on the year that was and work towards filling the gaps, striving to be better.

It can be cathartic. But it can also leave you with so much enthusiasm that you use all of your energy for the first month or so, and you are a shell of your former athletic-self come June (which sucks if your big race is in June!).

The feverish mentality of New Year Resolutions is then best left for the desperate and misguided; those who want to set goals without a mapping the course at the same time. Focusing not on the journey, but the result.

New Year. Same You. Same old promises.

It’s a mindset. We feel gooood when we sit down and write all the crazy shit we want to do for the year. We get a big endorphin rush.

But it (shouldn’t) doesn’t stop there: how do you maintain that drive, that determination to be awesome for 365 days?

You don’t.

The reality is that that heightened state of enthusiasm isn’t sustainable.

Endurance sport is a long game. You don’t achieve results or success overnight. It takes time. If you aren’t prepared to play that long game, with patience and plasticity, then you risk repeating your past mistakes; be prepared to have the same NY conversations with yourself all over again in 12 months time.

Rather than a massive spike in Jan/ Feb, you should be aiming for a steady build into the year, creating behaviours that compliment your desired outcomes, and shedding the patterns that have previously held you back.

The years push on with or without you. You stay the same but expect change. That change can only happen when you adopt an attitude that facilitates the need to do things differently.

New Year. Same You. Different Mindset.

That mindset has to move past the easy part (writing a list of crazy cool goals), and into actionable objectives that ultimately lead to those goals becoming fulfilled (like I said, it’s NEVER always smooth sailing; the long game always has highs and lows and everything between. Accept that and move on).

Those objectives form habits. Those habits create patterns. Those patterns, applied with consistency provide the structural integrity of your plan. Without them, you are simply hoping that everything you want to happen, will just happen.

Swimming blindly around clutching a piece of paper, clinging to your goals, makes for a miserable year.

Switch your mindset away from the goal, delve into the journey, learn to adapt and respect the process.

That is how to make 2020 amazing.