Meet the Athlete: Louisa Gregory

Louisa Gregory Triathlete photo


We sit down with EC athlete Louisa Gregory to find out more about what makes her tick…

Years in endurance sport:

 Highlight: (what you regard as your biggest achievement to date, doesn’t need to be a race):

5 years in endurance sport and it was 6 years ago that I made the decision to learn to swim – I had never before had a formal swimming lesson.  Learning to swim as an adult was pretty tough, both mentally and physically – especially the intimidation of the first night with a squad…. Not only did I learn to swim, but I built it to the point that when racing I could consistently finish in the top 25% of my age group when racing in Asia & the top 50% when racing in Australia.  From nothing to that sort of achievement is one of the things I am most proud of.  

Toughest moment in endurance sport:

 Which one to choose?  The mental battle of headspace during a race – and I still haven’t learnt how to master it.  Learning how to tell myself the right story so that my head doesn’t hijack a race outcome.   

Why are you here? (why do you do what you do?)

Endurance sport has taught me skills and given me perspective about myself and my capabilities that I would not have otherwise learned.  I want to keep uncovering what else I might be capable of.  

Favourite session:

Favourite swim set – Speed + HR set (50’s) – I loved measuring my progression and/or consistency in the sets

Favourite run set – Monas #2 – easy to see results, and because of the need to keep count, forced me to think as well as do.