Port Macquarie Triathlon 2017: The GOOD, the BAD & the (really) UGLY

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Well, the sun has set on another amazing race. Port Macquarie Triathlon. I was there on Sunday to witness the spectacle that is IM racing and lend some on-ground support to our athletes. Every race has it’s talking points, so here are my thoughts on Port IM/70.3

The weather was perfect I don’t think Ironman Australia had seen such excellent conditions in 5 or so years; this definitively set the seen for some good hard racing.
The male pro race was epic, with several changes in the lead during the bike and the run legs.
The spectators, while Port Macquarie is a harder course compared to others, the spectators are next level at this event, and you can expect some great support all day long and into the night.
The age group racing was epic, and it was great to see people put it on the line. It was even better watching our EC athletes (70.3) dig deep for some very solid performances. 
Watching this race never fails to give me goosebumps with its rich history and my own personal experiences of the race, and watching fellow athletes and friends exceed their expectations on race day.

The lack of female pro’s racing! Seriously WTC should be able to organise a bigger turn out than this. 
The awesome conditions meant people thought they were uber bikers pushing the pace on the bike, which lead to a fantastic number of bonks on the run (mostly males – there goes that ego again). Also, white kits and dark gels are not a good look.

The really UGLY
I saw many blinged up bikes with terrible positions. One athlete had extensions so short he should have just raced without them. Looking good at a race is never more important than having a professional bike fit.
On a similar note inappropriate running shoes; you are running 42.2 km’s after a long, arduous bike ride. Newsflash: Track spikes are not going to cut it!! Footwear is important to get right on race day.
The awards night and ensuing meltdown party have been a tradition for Ironman Australia. The overall shift away from the celebration of this race is a major letdown. WTC get your act together.

Rant over. 

On the other side of the country, we saw another speedy day in Busselton (and a few Noahs to contend with, allegedly). Busso is a favourite destination for EC athletes, with some very solid performances.

Congratulations to all athletes who toed the line over the weekend and went after it!

Coach Ben