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Pete Lever

Head Coach / Owner elite program coach

My thirst for knowledge and passion for helping athletes has developed over years of dedciacted application, operating in the strength and conditioning space, managing my own training business and working with some remarkable and inspiring people. Combining the skills I learned through a Bachelor of Journalism, and later Business Management, with my exposure in the fitness industry, I have developed a coaching style focused on effective communication with athletes to ensure they get the best from their endurance endeavours, while still enjoying life.

Over the past five years, working closely with my mate, former triathlon coach and podcast co-host, Kristian Manietta, I have furthered my coaching knowledge, providing online triathon coaching for Age Group and Professional endurance athletes from all walks of life, with all sorts of goals, and an array of different life circumstances. From shift-workers trying to manage fatigue during Ironman training, busy executives prepping for Kona, to single mum's lining up for their first long course triathlon and everything in between.

My focus on communication, understanding an athlete's needs and managing through the nuances of life are my strongest assets. Endurance sport is in my blood. Coaching, and educating others is in my veins.

Pete endurance racing coach

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Chloe Kay

Chloe is a 4 time Ironman, Ultraman and World Championship qualifier. She has many 70.3 Ironman and Olympic Distance races under her belt as well. Chloe knows firsthand the commitment it takes to train for massive endurance events and brings this understanding into her coaching.

Whilst her passion is coaching beginners in the sport, her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for triathlon and coaching (both online coaching and in person) has seen many of these ‘beginners’ go from completing their first sprint or olympic distance race to delving into long course racing.

Over the years Chloe has had several coaches and has learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Whilst being sidelined due to injury is never fun, it has taught her about the value of strength and conditioning and how imperative it is to listen to your body. She has used these experiences to develop better as both a coach and an athlete.

Chloe Kay Triathlon coach

Whilst she lives and trains in beautiful Noosa, arguably the best triathlon training base in Australia, she loves to travel to race. Triathlon events in Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and even qualification for Kona in China are among the countries triathlon has taken her, and the stories, lessons and experiences from each trip are invaluable (and hilarious).

Chloe’s relatable and personable nature combined with endurance training experience makes her appeal to athletes of all ages and abilities. She attributes her success in preparing for Ultraman Australia to thorough communication with her own triathlon coach (along with a lot of training). Communication is the integral part of a successful coach/athlete relationship and she prides herself on having this with each of her athletes.

She loves the thrill of the chase with endurance goals and continuing to test her performance limits, while she knows there is no such thing as a perfect race she’s on the hunt to get as close as possible for herself and her athletes.

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